Week Zero – Building a 9x9x25 Tutor Team

Passion led us here written on the side walk with overview of the shoes of unknown people standing around it

When OntarioExtend’s Terry Greene first announced the 9x9x25 Challenge, I was excited. 9 post in 9 weeks of at least 25 lines sounding like something I could do. Then I read about having a team. My first thought was a team of fellow faculty….. and then I thought, what about student voices?

We have some of the brightest and best students working for us in St. Clair College’s Tutoring Services. These are students who have a passion for their program and a genuine desire to help their fellow students. One of the amazing parts of Tutoring Services, for me, is the community that develops every year. You put a bunch of smart tutors in a room from different backgrounds and programs and compelling discussions are bound to follow. I want to hear what they have to say about teaching and learning and maybe even tutoring.

I put out the call and tutors responded. These are their voices.

I can’t wait!

Featured image: Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Irene Stewart is a Retention Coordinator with St. Clair College and is a faculty advisor to the Tutoring Services Department. Stewart will act as the host of this challenge blog.