The Pleasure of Giving

by Praveen Moudgil

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“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ` Winston Churchill

Only, a few people understand the pleasure of giving, and those who do understand are the richest people on earth. For example, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft Inc., one of the richest man in world, has the highest amount given to charity ($35 billion). He is definitely among the greatest philanthropists. As a tutor, I have the opportunity to impart new learnings to the upcoming students. I execute this task with utmost passion. In return, I get recognition, and respect from my students. Also, my own knowledge increases by leaps and bounds.

Knowledge is a wealth that grows by sharing. Every learner has a different style of learning. Some may learn by reading, writing, and listening; others may learn by visualizing, creating, and participating. Horizons of learning increase when an educator’s knowledge is tested by an inquisitive learner.

DIKW Pyramid: Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom
Figure by Longlivetheux  on Wikipedia Commons

This phenomenon of learning, sharing, and growing is also supported by DIKW pyramid where D stands for Data, I for Information, K for knowledge, and W for wisdom. According to Cooper (2017), data is a value. It becomes information “when this data is placed in a context. It becomes knowledge when the information is structured and organized as a result of cognitive processing and validation” (Cooper, 2017, p. 55). When knowledge is shared for the benefit of self and others, it becomes wisdom.

There is no other profession that is more fulfilling than teaching. It is because of the educators, that people are, who they are, whether they are doctors, engineers, scientists, or business managers. Even a sportsman needs a coach to be successful. So, I love the way I am contributing to the overall wisdom of my college, my community, my city, and my country.

Such is the pleasure of giving, it makes my ambitions fly.

When, I see the twinkle in their eyes, it makes my worth multiply.

Such is the pleasure of giving, it lifts my body and spirit.

When, I see them successful, it feels like, I did it.



Cooper, P. (2017). Data, information, knowledge and wisdom. Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, 18(1), 55-56.

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Praveen Moudgil is a student in the Practical Nursing program and has been a tutor since September 2017. Moudgil plans to work in the nursing field after graduation and to continue studies towards a post-graduate degree in Nursing with the goal of teaching at the post secondary level in the future.

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Education: A step to build steps

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by Manan Thaker

I have always been a student and I will always be a student, as life teaches me new things everyday. When I started tutoring, I was carrying on a family heritage as my mother and my grandmother are professors now and I feel so very proud to carry on this tradition. I feel happy when I solve the challenges of students and to see smiles on their faces.

When I started my journey, I took advise from my mother. She told me that education is the best way to change the world. There is an important quote in our country as follows:

“Vidhya dan a duniya nu shreshth dan che” that means that an education donation is the best donation in the world.

It is said that whatever comes in the world goes away, but I believe that education and knowledge are the only things that can never be taken from us.

I want to add one thing to this post: that it’s the collaboration of students and tutors that can help in changing the world. I feel that tutoring is mostly dependent on smart work rather than hard work. You can learn from instructors in class but to understand you need to get some easy tricks and techniques that can only be learnt with the help of smart tutors.

At the end of this post, I would like to disclose by my position and few motivation thoughts:

I am MANAN THAKER, a tutor and student in Electromechanical engineering technician. The goal of my education life is to become a master in Robotics and Automation. But my primary goal is to become the most powerful person in the world and eliminate all the bad things like corruption, terrorism, poverty etc. from the world. I know for doing that I need to be prime minister of my country and even one of the richest person in the world. The journey is definitely not going to be easy but in order to change the world, I need to be changed first.

“I cannot beat you in hard work but for sure I can beat you in smart work”

“If everyone can do it, I can do it, If no one can do it then it is an opportunity to do it”

“Hard work beats talent, if talent doesn’t work hard”

Manan Thaker is a 2nd year Electromechanical Engineering Technician – Robotics student and has been a tutor since May 2018. Thaker plans to change the world, and we, in the Tutoring Department, believe in him!

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Learning and teaching go hand in hand

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By Batoul Al-Outa

Learning and teaching go hand in hand – it is through learning that I realized the value of teaching, and through teaching I realized the value of learning.

I have always been a student who loved to learn, but this love could not be what it is now without my experiences. There are ups and downs – days where I thought what I am learning is pointless, and days where I thought it actually benefited me.

But as I look back each year at what I have learned, I notice that all the classes – pointless or not – gave me knowledge that would shape who I am now.

Each aspect of every type of lesson improved me in some way. I started to be more open, and truly think outside the box about things I never would have thought about. From that difficult Math class, to the endless essays, and that random Philosophy class I took in high school – it all contributed to greater processes happening in my mind. Studying Biology over and over again has improved my memory and studying speed drastically. It doesn’t matter if we’re never going to use this in real life because its value is not only in gaining information, but in allowing us to process things faster, more thoroughly, and from many different perspectives.

Then I thought, how could I have even gotten to this point?

That would be teaching. Without teachers, I would not have gotten this far. I began to understand how valuable teachers really are – with their methods, knowledge, and effort they put in each day to teach us something new.

I started to tutor as early as I can remember without realizing it. I have helped my classmates with school-work countless times, until I finally reached my second year of Nursing BScN and made it official as a part-time nursing tutor.

Even now, I would not have had this opportunity without the help of my professors. I look up to my teachers and appreciate the work they do,
and I hope to do the same with my students. I truly care about their success and I strive to be the best teacher I can be.

I hope to have the opportunity to work in nursing education for the rest of my life. I appreciate every teacher I have had the honour to learn from – you have made me what I am today. So let’s appreciate learning and teaching. Thank you.

Batoul Al-Outa is a 2nd year BScN – Collabrative Nursing student at St. Clair College and began tutoring in the Nursing Lab in September 2018. In the future, Al-Outa plans to pursue a Masters in Nursing and to become a Nurse Educator and Researcher.

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